Big Daddy Deluxe

About Us

New York's Hottest Rockabilly - Rock & Roll Band
entertaining the Tri-State area for over 6 years

Rockabilly - Swing - Rock & Roll 

Private Parties - Outdoor Events
Corporate Parties & Events
Night Club - Cabaret 

If you like the 50's era of music ....
Elvis, Johnny Cash, Gene Vincent, Carl Perkins, Bill Haley, Dion and the Belmonts, Richie Valens,
Buddy Holly, Etta James, Patsy Cline, Brenda Lee, Stray Cats, Little Richard,
and so many other greats,  You will instantly fall in love with this group of Highly Polished Retro Rockers!
There's always a party when Big Daddy Deluxe is in town,
so make sure there's plenty of room to dance as these cat's rip the roof off the place!

**Special Announcement **

Hey Gang ! a lot of you have been asking and I guess a lot of you have been wondering what has been going on with Big Daddy Deluxe over the summer,

The band for the most part has gone their separate ways once again, and I find myself standing at a crossroads wondering if I should take the remaining members and regroup and Come back once again . . . . Bigger and Better, more Rockin' than EVER ! like I have done in the past !
I will give it some time to think about it as I enjoy a much needed Summer Rest ! and enjoy some much needed time with my family for a change !

There is a BDD Trio that will be out there from time to time consisting of my longtime good friend ...
Thomas Michael Cavanagh,  and the Insane Chris Cretin,

Meanwhile! I would love to hear from all of you and your thoughts on the matter.

I will have my Eye's and Ear's open for a Good Male Singer, If anyone should know one.......

I have always strived to do better than the last time, and give you a Polished Rockin' Good Time !

Luv You All, Thank You for the many years of continued support you have shown me over the years !
and Hey let me know if you want to go Fishing one day !

Big Daddy!


Megan P.

Meet the newest member to the Big Daddy Deluxe family 

The Lovely Miss Megan Palagonia 
Megan has been singing since birth and has taken many talent Shows by storm with her vocal stylings,
 Don't let her size fool you, This little lady packs a BIG voice.!
her love for acting and performing throughout High school helped her prepare for the rigors of show biz.
Megan is a big fan of Jazz and Rockabilly, she studied Jazz and has had vocal training throughout her school years
Megan loves all styles of music but best loved the 40's & 50's era
Her sassy sultry style of singing and dedicated work ethic will make a welcomed addition to our Family. 
Now if we can get her to learn the Tambourine, Maracas and claves 


Frank A. aka. Big Daddy - Doghouse Double Bass Fiddle

Big Daddy, one of the original founding members of Big Daddy Deluxe.  With a love for Rockabilly Music and the rockabilly  scene, has Inspired him to push the envelope!  try new things, go where no man has dared to go before! and try to resurrect a dying rockabilly scene on Long Island.
Trying to incorporate all things vintage into one group, one evening, one show for the last 6 years.
it's not easy but Big Daddy is always up to the task.
Playing bass guitar since he was 19, and picking up an Upright for the very first time about 6 years ago at the conception of Big Daddy Deluxe, He has not put it down since.
 Inspired in the late 90 by a group called The Spinouts, Frank knew after hearing Tony Palumbo on bass and the raw energy of The Spinouts rockabilly music,  that was all 
he wanted to do!  
Now Inspired by  Pin-Up Girls, Hair Grease, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Burlesque Girls,
Frank keeps the music alive & Big Daddy Deluxe going strong!

Chris Z. 

First string in the Big Daddy Deluxe Drumming arsenal 
Chris keeps the party going with his Energetic drumming style !
his Punk Rock Roots are noticeable in his playing and give BDD what its looking for in a rhythm section  
He's a wild man as long as he's in bed by midnight !

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